Yes of course! For questions about visa, moving to Vienna, etc., please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Increasingly, Code Schools are establishing themselves in the business world as recognized training centers and many graduates of our format are already working at home and abroad as programmers. Through the example of the Anglo-American area, CodeSchools have gained fame in Europe, establishing themselves as a welcome and effective alternatives to universities through flexible, practice-oriented education.

Yes, we have a fast-growing network of companies ranging from multinational corporations to small enterprises that give us professional input and are on the lookout for our qualified junior developer graduates. Furthermore, many course practice projects come from external company partners.

Of course! Being a good programmer is more than just mastering the technologies but also other facets of developer life that CodeFactory teaches. After completing our full-time course, our participants reach the level of a junior developer, which is perfect to enter many jobs in the industry. Afterwards of course it is important to keep on improving and to follow new developments

We have adapted our curriculum in the full-stack course to the most stringent requirements of the European market. In addition to the web technologies HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and the Angular Framework, our participants also learn PHP, Symfony as well as SQL and a many more. By 2019, more languages ​​and technologies will be offered to provide the right course for every need.

Our course offer can be found directly in the course catalog.

In principle, our course qualifies you to start as a junior developer in both the front-end and back-end areas

We offer flexible payment models with deposit and installment payment option. In addition, we can offer assistance and experience when it comes to the funding of course costs, for example through the AMS. 

A basic knowledge of English and first knowledge of HTML and CSS is required. These can be learned in our preparatory courses at CodeFactory or be acquired in self-study.

We state no requirements on formal education and qualifications, as such CodeFactory has both university graduates and compulsory school graduates among our most successful students.

What our courses do require are English skills of about B1 level and first experiences with HTML / CSS and JavaScript. These can be acquired in our basic courses or through self-study.

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